Continuous-  The state of remaining in existence or operation, going on without interruption; unbroken 
Change- The act or instance of making or becoming different.

Perceive-  To understand. To become aware through the sense.
Combine-To join into one as by blending, unite.

Cause- That which produces or contributes to a result.  A reason or motive.  To act as the agent that brings about; be the source or origin.

Effect- To produce as a cause, consequence, or result; accomplish.  A result.  Realization.  Efficiency.

Cycle- A recurring period in which certain events or phenomena occur and reach completion or repeat themselves in a regular sequence

Evolution- The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form

Similarity- the state of being similar, resembling without being identical
How do you organize our world into understandable concepts and recognize recurrences (patterns)?  What, When, Where and How is reality determined by each living being that has its own particular combination of qualities that make its perception about the nature and phenomenon of this world unique?

When you examine the world at levels larger and smaller (macro & micro) than human existence, you begin to recognize similarities in all exsistance... Our world is a stage for cycles, beginning and ending.....reminiscent of.... circular-ness.

Simply, minimally and austerely, a circle; sphere, orb, cycle, roundness and its persistent, continuous nature has been observed within every existing civilization that we have recorded information about...I curiously notice the form that all receptors have (eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth, and fingertips)  are round.   Galaxy organization, planetary path ways, radio waves, the roll of the ocean, wind patterns, the water cycle, tree growth, the way flower petals radiate around in spiral forms: the golden ration, pi, the arch a frog jump makes due to gravity, the relationship between the letter O and the shape a mouth makes when saying O... Round is always on the move.

I am abstracting forms from the concept of combinations, continual motion, perceptions and variation using the most widely recognized and fitting form, the circle, as my point of departure...

The material I have chosen to predominantly work with is American waste.  I search out businesses that commonly have one time use items that gets trashed.  Styrofoam and paper are my number one resources but I have also come across pressed board, cardboard, wood, vintage jewely and more.  Recycling and repurposing materials adds to the conceptual purpose  of my work. 

I also love working with tree.  They produce vital ingredients for life on earth.   They record their own existence in circles, and grow in cycles that are dictated by other cycles.  Humans have found several ways to manipulate tree into various useful applications such as lumber, plywood, and paper.  Working in these variations illustrates how one thing can appear differently, depending on the state of which it is viewed or perceived and combined
Reuse Recycle Reduce

I make every effort to follow this trinity in my personal, communal and professional life.

Most of my materials come  from business waste products:
styrofoam scraps, cardboard, end news print rolls, pressed paper board,wood scraps, glass bottles, wine corks...

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