Head On Hippo
oil crayons
two prints have been made from this drawing.  One was donated to the KC Art Bra, the other is in the artists possession.Over Head Hippo
fine tip marker
$800150th degree Hippo
oil crayons
$600300th degree Hippo
conte crayons
Owned by private collecterBehind Hippo
chalk pastels
$600Head On Elephant
oil crayons
$700Reflective Elephant
Owned by private collector250th degree Elephant 
oil crayons
$600Elephant Vision
conte crayons
$600Elephants on Couch
oil crayons
Into the Open
above is the last in a seRies on elephants and hippos from 2003.  my son was at the age wheRe he had a set of plastic animals and i used two of the figuRines as my muses foR this dRawing seRies.  theRe aRe a few more, but you will find my select favoRites to the Right.  they aRe all 18"x 24".
into the open
chalk pastels, papeR sculpted frame
36" x 36" x 2"
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