Delahoussaye Co.- Scott, Louisiana
The Advertiser- Lafayette, Louisiana
Gwen White Lafleur- Springfield, Louisiana
Chrissy Hartford Harris- Fort Worth, Texas
Valerie Many- Austin, Texas
Craig Leblanc- Austin, Texas
Scott Simeon- Port Arthur, Texas
Melissa Haney- Port Arthur, Texas
Pinot's Palette- Leawood, Kansas
Richard & Carol Powis- Overland Park, Kansas
Erin Meyers- Overland Park, Kansas
Alejandro Home Design- Kansas City, Missouri
Weinberger Fine Art- Kansas City, Missouri
Andrew Albertson- Kansas City, Missouri
Vincent Hines- Kansas City, Missouri
Jess Hinson- Gladstone, Missouri
Zac Folkerts- Westport KC, Missouri
Emma Powis- Kansas City, Missouri
Gilma Senecal- Guatemala
Melisa Dupois- Pace, Florida
Burke Johnson- Pace, Florida
my contRibutoRs, my community.
Thank you for helping aRt happen
donations of scrap items came from
the following companys and citizens:
salvage media involves using Recycled mateRials in laRge quantities that would other wise be consideRed waste as the base mateRials for cReating aRt. In my case: styRofoam, newspapeR, wine coRrks, wiReRing, found objects, costume jewelRy, etc. 

"business waste is the pRedominant contRibutoR of my art mateRials"  Raejoi explains.  Using such items to cReate aRt, communicates to the condition of the planet and ouR efforts to be more conscious of our enviRonment.  all the while, Reminding vieweRs that our cuRRent position would not exist without ouR own doings.
be a paRt of aRt, get involved by donating

do you consideR youRself a salvage media aRtist?   
send me a link to youR website and I will shaRe on this page.
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